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After more than 40 years traveling the world for an apparel career, I followed my roots and true passion… cooking for others and sharing my lifelong knowledge through teaching. 


Growing up in a traditional Italian household, everything was homemade, and everyone participated. There was always something cooking to share with family and friends.


My mother’s creative approach to cooking and free spirit, grounded in solid technique, has always been my inspiration.


My father liked detailed, precision tasks which set the standard for me. His meatballs were always exactly the same size, eggplant rollatini paper-thin and perfectly rolled. My brother expanded on these influences to become an executive chef and restaurant owner. He remains my constant source for ideas and innovation.


I have been fortunate to travel the world, and always found colleagues who proudly taught me their local cuisine. In exchange, I would teach them a class of their choice. I’ve learned first hand with relatives in Italy, and with friends in Thailand, India, China, the Middle East, and Mexico.

Who I Am

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