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About the class:


You will learn to make perfect pasta dough at home by traditional well method, stand mixer, and food processor versions. Rich egg fettuccine, pappardelle, and capellini will be prepared by you in class. Once you master the basic dough recipe, progress to stuffed pasta such as ravioli and tortellini.


About the class:


Starting with the basic process for Basil Pesto Genovese, we will explore other variations using nuts, herbs, and vegetables.


Yeast Dough and Bread Basics


About the class:


Learn the secret to the most creamy, foolproof risotto. You will prepare iconic Northern Italian Risotto Milanese to cover technique as the base for whatever variations you desire.

About the class:


Master the mystery of working with yeast dough and its diversity. Gain confidence for baking your own bread and rolls at home.

About the class:


Learn steps and tips for enhancing flavor with marinades for meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables.


Stock and More

About the class:


Learn to make flavorful stocks as the foundation for soup, gravy, sauces, and more.



About the class:


Citrus pine nut, fresh basil marinara, rich sausage tomato,  and besciamella sauces provide the finishing touch to many dishes. We will venture to the Veneto for my grandmother's gravy, unique to this region of Italy. Discover how a few simple ingredients can transform your dishes into something special.




About the class:


Chocolate Three Ways:

Bark, Ganache, Truffles

Working with chocolate has fundamental rules which you will learn in this class. Once accomplished, many creative variations are open to you.

Italian Cookies

About the class:


Share traditional family recipes for Italian cookies handed down from my mother and grandmother. You will learn a simple biscotti dough, from which endless variations are possible. Share other favorites, such as "S" cookies, Almond Pignoli, and Biscotti di Regina.



About the class:


Variations for pie are endless. You will learn a flaky butter crust, Amish cider crust, and recipes using nuts or cookies for press-in crusts. Discover tips for customizing flavors and the best filling for each type, whether used as pie crust or rustic crostata.





About the class:


Ricotta is creamy and delicious in savory recipes as well as desserts. This class teaches two different techniques, including lactose-free.


About the class:


You will begin by making silky olive oil dough that cooks up crispy. Learn how to make popular favorites plus receive ideas for creative new combinations.



About the class:


Braising provides a slow-cooked, complex blend of flavors. Learn steps for making the most delicious meats and vegetables to serve alone, over polenta, pasta, rice, or others of your choosing.




For class schedule, please see my Facebook page or contact me.

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